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Douglas Ferguson

Hand painted leathers & chainmail created in partnership with Kitty Wise (1979 -1989)


Clients and collections include: Karen Allen, Edith Beale, Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Field
Gael Greene, Johanna Hall, Caroline Hirsch, Robert Lee Morris, Ringo Starr, Meryl Streep

Kate Taylor, Tina Tuner, Kathleen Turner, Cicely Tyson, Brenda Vaccaro, Diana Vreeland

Kitty Wise, The Joffrey Ballet & The Museum of the City of New York


Exhibitons of Note: Cream of the Crop: The New Couture (1985, The Museum of the City of New York)
East Village: The New Vanguard (1987, F.I.T., New York), The Historical Mode (1989, F.I.T., New York)
Goddess: The Classical Mode (2003, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York)
Goddess (2004, MoMu, Antwerpen)


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